How to Buy a Proxy and Protect Your Online Identity

Last updated on 11/12/2023

Most people know that websites like to record and keep as much information about their users as possible, you can avoid this if you buy a proxy. However there are times when we would like to protect our privacy and surf the Internet anonymously. Thankfully, because of private proxies it is possible to shield your identity and Internet address while still being able to visit any site on the Internet. In this guide we will look at what exactly proxies are, why you would want to use them and how to buy a proxy so that you can surf anonymously.

What is a Proxy?

In simple terms a proxy is another computer through which Internet requests are relayed. It acts as a kind of middleman between you and the website that you are visiting so that your own identity remains protected. When you use a proxy when you enter a request it is sent first to the proxy server, then this proxy server processes this request. Once the request has been processed it relays the results back to you. When you buy a proxy the end result is that you are able to surf the Internet and interact with other websites while still protecting your identity.

Why use a Proxy?

When you use a private proxy, instead of your IP address appearing, your proxy servers IP address appears instead. As an IP address can uniquely identify who you are and where you are located this service helps to protect your identity and get any restrictions you might otherwise face. There are a number of different reason why you might want to use a proxy to protect your identity in this way. Firstly because of parental blocks you may not be able to visit some of the sites that you would like to, however if you buy a proxy then these sites will be made available. Another reason you might want to use a proxy is if you live in a country, such as China, which restricts certain sites such as Twitter or Facebook. A proxy can help to shield your geographical location and help you to get around these restrictions. Finally you may simply wish to protect your identity. There are times when you do not necessarily want a particular sites owners to know everything about you, in these cases a proxy can offer invaluable protection.

How to Buy a Proxy

There are two main types of proxy services you can buy. These are free proxy services and paid proxy services. As with most things in life you get what you pay for. The major advantage of a free proxy service is that it does not cost you anything. However a paid proxy service is typically more reliableworks faster and is more secure. The choice is of course up to you and will depend on your own particular needs. If you are just casual Internet surfing and want slightly more identity protection then a free proxy may be sufficient. However if you want more reliable and secure level of identity cloaking then you will probably want to pay when you buy a proxy.


Private proxies provide a way for you to have full freedom of use of the Internet. At the same time they offer an invaluable way to protect yourself and your identity on the Internet. Given the dangers and restrictions sometimes posed by the Internet it can often make sense to buy a proxy.

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